Best Choices for Organic Dining

Organic FoodWhat was once a fringe market, organic restaurants have bloomed into big business. Many major cities offer several options for diners who seek a healthy alternative to fine cuisine. You can now choose among organic restaurants as opposed to simply choosing organic and being stuck with one or two choices to satisfy your appetite. The best organic restaurants across the country deliver a variety of style and atmosphere.

Chicago, IL
Known for deep-dish pizza and steakhouses, Chicagoans and visitors to the Windy City have plenty from which to choose when dining out. Those seeking a quality organic food also have their pick among several top-notch eateries. One in particular, Markethouse on North Fairbanks Court, has been lauded in local papers and dining guides as well as the Wall Street Journal for exceptional quality and service. The chefs at Markethouse proudly detail their commitment to supporting local farmers who practice sustainable agricultural techniques and offers a menu that is continually updated with new choices.

New York, NY
The Big Apple is recognized as the most bountiful American city for dining choice and the selection of quality of organic food choices are as relatively robust. For meat lovers, healthy choices are rare (no pun intended) which is why BareBurger stands out as welcomed choice for those seeking a hearty, meaty organic meal. With locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, you are sure to find a BareBurger close by. All of the meat prepared at BareBurger are 100% organic with many of the selection free-range grown; from beef and turkey to Elk bison and wild boar. Lean, organic meat and cheese abound in New York’s BareBurger.

Austin, TX
Austin is probably best known for live music and the main campus of the University of Texas. Being Texas, of course the beef industry remains king. For organic food lovers who fancy a vegetarian menu, Snap Kitchen will satisfy all. Choose from a variety of custom-built salads and take part in the Snap Commit: 21 days to a leaner you.

Minneapolis, MN
Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis delivers a menu of exciting as well as traditional American dishes. Located on University Avenue, Restaurant Alma opens daily at 5 pm to serve dinner only. Patrons can choose to purchase the tasting menu which allows you to sample each item on the menu for a special rate. Stay for dessert and choose among the various desserts and cheeses on the menu.

Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles is full of culture and diversity – like many of the largest American cities. LA’s organic restaurant variety is equally as diverse. For a Japanese organic delight, try Shojin. The Shojin prepares delicious vegan and macrobiotic dishes with a traditional flair. Just check the Shojin’s website for seasonal menu changes. Located in Little Tokyo, Shojin offers customers 3 hours free parking.